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Happy Clients!

"Highly recommend Lindsey! She is professional and educated. She thought me how to train my puppy. My puppy is 6 months old and he is well trained."

-Bojana P.

Woodland Hills, CA

"I was referred to Lindsey's Waggin' Tails pet training from our neighbor who also used her and I am glad they did! Our one year old dog was getting into trouble around the house chewing things and wouldn't listen to us at all. After only a few sessions with her he now comes every time I call him and doesn't run into the street anymore if the front door is left open. And if he starts to grab something to chew on we say "leave it" and he walks away. It's amazing what she has been able to teach him in such a short time. I couldn't be more grateful and would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to have a well trained dog."

Melissa T.

Moorpark, CA

"Words cannot express how grateful we are for Lindsey.  We brought home an 8 week old puppy (completely unplanned), and after one day felt so overwhelmed, and didn't realize what we got ourselves into.  At the time, our daughter was 14 months, and our dog buddy was like having another kid (and harder at points in the beginning).  Out of desperation, we called Lindsey, and it was the best decision we ever made.  Within 10 days our dog was completely potty trained, and by the end of our 6 weeks, our dog knew how to sit, stay, lay down, come, rollover, paw, go to his pillow, leave it (basically when you don't want him to play with something you say "leave it"), slow down when on a leash, not go in the street and could walk with us at the park without being on the leash.  She also held classes that taught him how to socialize with other dogs.

Even more so than the training of buddy, she taught my wife and I how to train our dog ourselves.  Having a toddler at home and knowing how they grab the dog, pull their tails, poke them in the eye really scared us, and Lindsey taught us how to use positive reinforcement whenever she is around our dog, so that he relates having a positive experience around our daughter.  She coached us, and let us know what we should work on during the week, and I couldn't be more happy with how good our dog is.  Everybody gives compliments to how well behaved he is as a puppy, and there's no way he would be this way if it wasn't for Lindsey.  

Lastly, even though we have finished our initial sessions with her, she is always accessible, and cares so much.  We love her, and I guarantee no matter the dog you have, she will be able to help you attain any goals you wish to achieve with your dog. Hope this review helps anybody who is overwhelmed and in need of some help and guidance for your dog (as we were), because Lindsey was our lifesaver.  Wish we could give 10 stars!"

-Aaron W.

Westlake Village

"With out a doubt the best dog trainer out there! she truly goes above and beyond to make the experience wonderful for you..

she takes care of my dog when I need her to and trains him.. my dog absolutely loves her and we do to!! would highly highly highly recommend her!!!!!"

-Jason L.

Simi Valley, CA

"We got a new dog to keep our older dog company and have a bit of trouble getting her to love her little brother.  Lindsey has been able to get them back together and behaving like siblings (on their best days) and has been working very hard to get mommy and daddy back on track too!!  

We were referred to her by our vet and could not be more happy with the way things have gone!  We would recommend her to any of our friends - she is fantastic with both canines and people alike!"

-Dawn M.

Moorpark, CA

'Highly recommend Lindsey! She is professional and educated. She thought me how to train my puppy. My puppy is 6 months old and he is well trained."

-Bojana P.

Woodland Hills, CA

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