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About Lindsey

My training career started in 2004 while I was working in a vets office as a veterinary technician, I noticed how many dogs came into us and were "out of control". I started doing some research and wasn't happy with the lack of education that was out there. I attended Animal Behavior College as well as shadowing an experienced trainer for a year before going out on my own as a licensed dog trainer. Since then I have trained all types of dogs from Chihuahuas to Mastiffs and everything in between. I cover all different behaviors from the basic obedience to aggression.

I not only train dogs as a job, this is something I am very passionate about! I have 3 rescue dogs of my own and have homed more dogs then I can count and still keep in contact with so many of the owners. I have done pet therapy and agility with my own dogs as well as training others. I am also a mom to a human baby so I am knowledegable in helping to make the furbabies a well behaved member of the family.

How I train

Why I'm a great dog trainer

I use these methods:

Caring and compassionate

Get your dog excited about...


  • Modern methods of applied animal behavioral science

  • Learn to use your dog's inborn talent

  • No prolonged battle of wills

  • Reliable control off-leash

  • Fun for owner and dog

Lindsey's Waggin' Tails Pet Training